Why Yorktown Pools?

Located in York, Pennsylvania, Yorktown Pools & Spas is a family-owned and operated business. What sets us apart is that our key employees are part of our family and truly care about our customers. Most existing customers ask for them by name- Rob, Bonnie, Randy or Emily. Many of our employees have been with us for over 15 years. Even the part-time “kids” who work in the Yorktown Pools & Spas store over the summer have become familiar faces, as most of them have spent every summer until graduation with us. Finally, it is our customers who complete the Yorktown Pools & Spas family. In our 30 years in business, they have shared their joys and sorrows with us as relationships have been built.

We have made it our policy to maintain our own swimming pools and spa installations. We only use subcontractors for work that we are not licensed to perform. That is why we use licensed electricians, expert excavators and skilled concrete contractors. You will see only Yorktown Pools & Spas employees performing the construction of all in-ground swimming pools and above ground vinyl liner and fiberglass swimming pools.

At Yorktown Pools & Spas we buy every item before you do. We use the same products in our own swimming pools that we make available to our customers, and we know the value of each one. For that reason, we look for the best manufactured products that are both built to last and cost efficient.