Swimming Pools and Spas Accessories

Waterfall Features

To add a touch of beauty and relaxation to your swimming pool or spa, Jandy provides top of the line waterfall features.
Jandy Pool Products
Deck Jets and Laminar Jets are the most popular options.

Deck Jets
Deck Jets provide a unique water effect, by streaming water across your swimming pool in a customized pattern that will add an elegant touch to your swimming pool or spa.

Laminar Jets
Laminar Jets use LED to produce a stream of water, similar to deck jets. This exclusive feature with these jets allows you to entertain at night with an illuminated swimming pool and spa scene.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls
Sheer Descent Waterfalls allow you to customize the look of your swimming pool. These waterfalls are available in different lengths, shapes and finishes, making creative ideas come to life around your swimming pool or spa hot tub.

Sheer Rain Waterfalls
Sheer Rain Waterfalls form a stream of water in a single line. When angled farther away from the pool the water simulates natural rain and gives your swimming pool a unique look and sound.

Aqua Accents
Aqua Accents add an ornate and sophisticated look to any swimming pool or spa hot tub. Water comes through each sconce or medallion and emulates a traditional fountain.


Sliding Boards, Diving Boards and Games

srsmith.com | interfab.com
Adding these customizable options to your swimming pool or spa hot tub can give your backyard a creative and fun twist. Yorktown would like to make customers aware of possible accessories to enhance your swimming pool. We recommend the following products and websites for more options. Our favorites: the turbo twister (srsmith.com) and the T7 diving board (interfab.com).