Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your swimming pool, water, and equipment will ensure longer life and fewer replacements. Our York, Pennsylvania store staff is well-versed in the ways to keep your water clear all summer. In addition, proper water balance will prolong the life of your pool liner, pump and filter. Our free water test lab provides step-by-step instructions for balancing your swimming pool water so that it stays crystal clear all summer long. Of course, we stock the supplies needed to clean your swimming pool. For less work, one of our robotic swimming pool cleaners will do the job for you. And if you are one of those people who do not want to touch the swimming pool or equipment, we have an experienced weekly cleaning crew who vacuum, brush, net leaves empty baskets and test and treat your swimming pool water at a reasonable fee.


Autopilot Chlorine Generators

Often referred to as a salt pool, a chlorine generator creates chlorine by breaking down salt into both sodium and chloride. The autopilot is a small computer that utilizes digital read-out for swimming pool temperature, salt levels and more. The generator will alert you if there are any issues with water flow, salt levels and even instruct you how much salt to add. Salt systems mean never having to buy, handle or store chlorine again. The Autopilot Chlorine Generator provides your swimming pool with soft silky water, no red eyes or itchy skin.


Baquacil Non-Chlorine

Baquacil ensures chlorine-free swimming preventing eye irritation, irritated skin, dry hair, faded swimsuits and vinyl swimming pool liners.



Fusion start-up softens water, improves filtration, improves water quality and no pH adjustments required.



PoolRX is a unit installed in the pump basket of your swimming pool. Simply place the mineral cartridge made out of Silver, Copper and Zinc inside the basket, once in contact with water the minerals dissolve outside of the unit and into the swimming pool water. The minerals break down algae and bacteria, once the minerals regain their ionic charge water re-passes through the PoolRx unit inside the pump basket.
The powerful minerals stabilize the mineral content in the water making the water safe for swimming and human contact.


Hayward Top-Mount Sand Filters

Hayward Pro Series high-rate sand filters offer the very latest in pool filter technology with smooth, efficient flow and totally balanced backwashing.
Pro Series sand filters feature unitized construction of corrosion-proof, polymeric material and self-cleaning 360° slotted laterals. A versatile seven-position control valve offers both easy operation and maximum efficiency.
For crystal clear, sparkling water with minimum care, Pro Series filters set a new standard for performance, value and dependability.


Introducing Brightline – Better than sand

Engineered for better filtration. From Harsco, a world leader in upcycled materials, Brightline isn’t just a new kind of filter media – it’s the best.