Saltwater Pools

saltwater poolsSaltwater pools are the future of swimming pool sanitation. The salt replaces the need for chlorine in the pool and reduces the costs associated with owning a swimming pool. Many customers have gone from spending $400 a year to $40 a year on sanitizer costs!

The benefits are amazing. Saltwater pools are sparkling clear all the time, bringing new meaning to the term crystal clear. The water has a softer, smoother feel on your skin, eliminating the dry skin feeling of chlorine pools. Additionally, your family can now spend all day swimming without the red eyes and chlorine odor.

Yorktown Pools & Spas has been installing saltwater pools exclusively for the last seven years and our customers couldn’t be happier. With endless benefits, our company and customers all agree that it is the only way to swim!


What are the benefits of having a salt chlorine generator?

Salt Chlorine Generators are a new and efficient way to sanitize and/or clean your swimming pool.They eliminate the need to store, buy, transport and handle chlorine. These generators provide an easy alternative to traditional chlorine cleaning methods. The salt chlorine generators produce their own chlorine from regular table salt, prevent scum build-up and provide a healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience.

How does it work?

Swimming pool water passes through the chlorine generator cell. Through the process of electrolysis, the salt in the water is turned into Hypochlorous acid, which is the same active ingredient produced when chlorine is added to swimming pool water. After the water goes through the filter and returns back into the swimming pool, it prevents bacteria and algae, and kills other harmful microorganisms. Very little maintenance is required. Yorktown Pools & Spas recommends removing and cleaning the generator once a year.

Autopilot Chlorine Generators

Autopilot Chlorine

Often referred to as a salt pool, a chlorine generator creates chlorine by breaking down salt into both sodium and chloride. The autopilot is a small computer that utilizes digital read-out for swimming pool temperature, salt levels and more. The generator will alert you if there are any issues with water flow, salt levels and even instruct you how much salt to add. Salt systems mean never having to buy, handle or store chlorine again. The Autopilot Chlorine Generator provides your swimming pool with soft silky water, no red eyes or itchy skin.